Worship Wednesday #10

Hey all!

It has been another busy week in virtual teaching world. I am sure hoping it slows down some in the coming weeks so I can return to blogging on a more consistent basis! I am hoping to implement some of my organizational strategies to help me get on track with blogging!

For this worship wednesday, I wanted to share some Gungor music with you. I have been re-listening to some older Gungor music and I am just LOVING their lyrics and musical stylings. (It doesn’t hurt that they are a husband & wife team, which just tugs at my heart!) 🙂

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I hope you enjoy worshiping today with these songs – check out my post later this week on some of my favorite Bible reading plans/apps, too!

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace….today and every day ahead.

Gungor – Beautiful Things

Gungor – Jesus and John

Gungor – Please Be My Strength

Gungor – Dry Bones

Happiness or Joy?

One of the biggest things I am learning in this time of my life is that I may not like every single second of each experience I am in. For example: as a mother of a young child, I am often told by other mothers or grandmothers to “enjoy every moment” because they go by quickly. While I understand and appreciate how short life is and how precious each milestone is, I am not sure that is achievable for mothers to do.

As a mother, I think Glennon at Momastery said it best in a recent column, “Don’t Carpe Diem.” She expresses how I have felt about this issue for some time. I can do the best I can, but I know and can guarantee I won’t be enjoying every single moment. Can I get an amen from all my momma’s out there?

And as a person, I have always struggled with this. I want to find the happiness and joy in every situation I am in. I want to be able to suffer well. To find the lesson in my troubles. But there are those days, where I am stressed out and sometimes I forget that I can cast all of my cares on Jesus. And perhaps it would be tempting for me to feel guilt or shame for not always reacting the way I should.

James 1 2 3

But life happens. And I know Jesus loves me. And I can go to Him in my crazy, overwhelmed state and He accepts me as I am….and then He teaches me and molds me into someone who is more and more like Him.

What are you going through today? Are you struggling to be joyful “in every moment.” You may not feel it, but God will mold you and make you content in where you are with Him.


May this song encourage those of you who are struggling today!

Desert Song – Hillsong

Worship Wednesday #6

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Happy Wednesday, Ladies!

I pray you’re having a blessed day.

For those of you struggling through something tough, I pray God grows you in His grace and that He reveals to you His perfect plan for you, in His time.

May you come to know how much He loves you.

I pray that you continue to grow in your trust & in your knowledge of God’s faithfulness.

Some of my favorite worship songs when I am going through tough times are those written by Rita Springer. Enjoy. May it bless you today as you worship Him!

Worth It All – Rita Springer

Mansion – Rita Springer

When I Think About The Lord – Performed by Rita Springer

Worship Wednesday #4

Did you know that you are loved?

Loved  by God with an everlasting, unchanging love?

And this God wants so badly for you to draw near to Him?

He wants you to have confidence in His love for you!

He says….”Stop acting as though you could earn it, I don’t love you cause you deserve it. I love you cause that’s who I am, LET LOVE WIN.” (Jon Thurlow, Confidence In Love)

Let us take time today to sit down and commune with God today. He desires nothing more than our full attention, our trust and our devotion.

Spend time thanking Him, praising Him, honoring Him…giving Him glory.

He will fill you up with such a peace, one that goes beyond human understanding.

He is also saying…”All things are possible here…so come on. Draw near to me, for I draw near to you.” (Jeremy Riddle, Draw Near)

worship wednesdays instagram

Don’t forget to link up with me on instagram today. Share a photo of what you’re worshiping with today – a song, scripture, sermon, blog post…whatever. I can’t wait to see how you’re worshiping God!!!

Songs that I am blessed by today – please listen and be blessed!

Jeremy Riddle – Draw Near

Jon Thurlow – Confidence In Love/Mighty Hand

Worshipful Wednesdays

Worshipful Wednesdays Pic

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I hope you are having a blessed week. Today I want to share with you a very special worship style that I absolutely love. It is one of my favorite ways to worship. I had the great privilege of  learning about this through my time leading worship at the International House of Prayer in Jacksonville.

The style of worship is called “worship with the word.” The purpose of worship with the word is to encounter Christ through directly singing His word, usually by focusing on a specific passage or chapter in the Bible. Through this passage or chapter, worship leaders and singers will sing/pray through the scripture, using cross-references and devotionals during the set, allowing space and time for specific revelations from God throughout the worship service.

I would encourage you to consider trying this at home. This isn’t something that is ONLY for worship leaders or singers/musicians. You can greatly benefit from focusing on specific Bible passes/chapters during a worship set. This is a fantastic way to not only worship through song but to also memorize scripture, and set your heart on His word and His truth.

Consider doing the following to go through a “worship with the word”

  • Pick out a scripture and sing it back to God in your car. Psalms is a book in the Bible to begin worship with the word.
  • Find some good worship music to pair with your scripture choice(s).
  • Consider going to IHOPs website and watching worship with the word prayer room sets. Once you’re at their website, click on the “prayer room” tab at the top, then click “worship with the word” on the prayer room video player.

Below are some of my favorite Worship in the Word songs. Most of them are from IHOP. Enjoy. BE blessed and worship Him today, friends!

Davy Flowers & Team at IHOP

Jon Thurlow & Team at IHOP

Jenn Johnson & Bethel Worship Team

Jason Upton

Worshipful Wednesdays, Part I

Worshipful Wednesdays Pic

Today I am launching a new weekly series called Worshipful Wednesdays. In this series, we will discuss all things related to worship and worship leading, evaluate all types of worship songs & albums, and above all, use this series as a platform to honor and glorify the Lord, through His word and song.

Discrepancy – When I listen to new music, as a worship leader, I have to admit I’m highly critical. I am looking for music that is well written, scripturally based and well sung/played. Also, as a part of my personal style, I also look for music that isn’t too “techy driven,” meaning that it doesn’t sound like it was digitally mastered in a studio. Maybe you like that stuff, but I highly value acoustic settings and live-band worship albums. 🙂 I plan only to share the album info and what I love. I do not plan to do critiques, as this blog’s mission is to use social media to encourage and uplift others. Also, all opinions are my own, and I was not given this album; I evaluated it of my own free will.

Today’s Review – Bethel Music’s The Loft Sessions

Before my blog launched, I posted on the Influence Facebook page asking for worship song recommendations. Moriah Sunde recommended I listen to Bethel: The Loft Sessions when I asked for some new worship music to listen to. I was extremely excited about trying out some new worship stuff. Although I was pretty familiar with Bethel Redding Church, I had never listened to their worship music/albums. I decided to go ahead and give the CD a whirl and see how I liked it.

CD Background Info:The Loft Sessions album is an acoustic-driven album that was recorded in a small loft in front of a live audience.

Musician(s) Background: Bethel Music is a collection of worship leaders and musicians who play/lead worship at Bethel Redding Church.

What I love:

The lyrics were what stood out to me when I began listening to this CD. Each song cut straight to the point, and are songs that anyone can sing along to. The lyrics were carefully crafted, without being too wordy. I’m not a huge fan of overly complicated lyrics, and really appreciate when musicians and worship leaders get straight to the point in songwriting. The musicality is lovely, as the music is mostly acoustic and not overly synthesized or loud for no reason. The best part of the entire CD is that the songs never seem to get old to me. I can listen to them almost every day and it’s like a new experience with the Lord.

My two favorite songs on this album were “One Thing Remains” (Brian Johnson) & “Come to Me” (Jenn Johnson), because they resonated with my soul. I can relate to these songs and they speak so clearly to where I am at in my walk with Christ right now. The emotion that pours out of these two particular songs is refreshing and it is such a joy to hear how Brian & Jenn Johnson used God’s word as the basis for writing them.

Take a Listen

Favorite line from “One Thing Remains”

In death, in life

I’m confident and covered by the power

Of Your great love.

My debt is paid

And there’s nothing that can separate my heart

From Your great love.

Favorite line from “Come to Me”

Don’t look to the right or to the left

Keep your eyes on Me

You will not be shaken, You will not be moved

I am the hand to hold, I am the truth, I am the way.

Come to me, I’m all that you need.

Other songs I liked on the CD

Bethel: The Loft Sessions:For more information or to buy the album, click below to check it out! 🙂


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