The week I fell off the grid – and loved it.

So you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a long time.

I kind-of fell off the grid.

After battling my daughter’s sickness, I too became very sick with a stomach bug. It was a long week of feeling icky, eating the BRAT diet and recovering. I barely had the strength to get out of bed some days.

So my blog, social media, online relationships and even my work at school was neglected. I even neglected my time in the Word and prayer time with God, too.

And while I feel guilt about this, being knocked down is just what I needed in some ways.

I have become way overwhelmed with everything I had signed-up for, committed to and was asked to do both at work, in my blogging life and at home.

It has been nice to be able to rest and get my strength back.

Now that I am better, I am committing to setting boundaries and am working on saying yes when I can and no when I cannot do something.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. (If I neglected a commitment to you during this time of sickness, please forgive me.)


Sickness Has Taken Over!!

I had another blog post planned for Friday. But life happened. My husband and my daughter both got a stomach bug and we spent a lot of time this week trying to get her better. She still can’t shake the diarrhea (TMI? Sorry, it happens), and we are both tired and frustrated. Not only is it horrible that she is sick, but she acts fine with no fever or symptoms…then we will take her to school, and she gets sick again. I spent many days this week having to call out or leave work early to take her home. It’s been a long week full of exhaustion, frustration and feelings of hopelessness.

We have tried all sorts of medicines. We are big holistic folks, so we are working on that. We feel we have tried it all and nothing is working. It feels hopeless. We feel lost. Sad. Frustrated. Even angry.

When I (or my loved ones) get sick, it makes me feel as if we will never come out of it. We are naturally healthy people, so sickness is a rare occurrence. I have tried to lean on my own understanding this week, and have not prayer enough or trusted God enough to get through this.

I have experienced an overwhelming feeling that I cannot handle “all the things” that have come my way this week. I am behind at work. I cannot keep my home clean. Tons of laundry. Missed blog posts. Exhaustion. Dirty, unwashed hair.

Then I am reminded of this:

healing quote

God’s does not plan these things that happen to us to harm us. He is love and He cares for us. He simply asks me to trust Him. To trade my worry and heavy burden(s) over to Him. And man, did I fail on that one this week. I am learning more and more that life happens. And regardless of how it stresses me out, He has my back.

How many times did I actually pray for my family vs. asking others to pray for us? Am I really going back to a place of shirking my responsibility as a Christ-follower? When has worry ever accomplished anything for me?

God has certainly used this as a means to teach me about my (continual) lack of trust and lack of a prayer life. May I always remember to run to Him first, for comfort and for strength. And may I remember that He promises me full abundance, goodness and mercy all the days of my life. <ay you be encouraged. When the little (or even big) things of life get you down, He has your back. You can lean on Him. His promises are true.

Psalm 23

Please pray for my sweetie. I don’t blog much about her here, but she is one of the best things to ever come into my life. I know all my parents friends out there understand how hard it is to see your children hurting. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and faith.

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Thoughts on the Flu


So all of my well laid plans to write some more this week were utterly destroyed.

The unthinkable happened – I came down with the flu.

That may seem reasonable to most of ya’ll, but I almost NEVER get sick. Yes, I am a teacher and yes, I am exposed to more germs than most…but I like to pride myself on the fact that my immune system has built itself up over the years.

So imagine my surprise when Tuesday evening I came down with flu-like symptoms: fever, achy body, and a slight cough. I was ordered by my husband to stay home and see a doctor.

I spent the better part of an hour yesterday at the walk-in doctor’s office, only get find out I tested negative for the flu – but since I “had all the symptoms,” the doctor prescribed me Tami-flu and sent me on my way. All was well – until I saw the price tag for the medicine. $115 for 5 days worth of medicine?? WHAT? That is CRAZY. I had a little pity party about the cost of the meds, but then I realized I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. My normal ability to get over sickness quickly hadn’t worked so far.

So after the shock wore off, I headed home and began my medicine regiment.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get better right away, so I am home again today, resting. As a worker bee, this staying home brings about a lot of guilt. I feel awful that I have had to get a substitute for two days. I feel bad that my husband has had to do most of what I normally do in caring for our daughter.

In the midst of this guilt, I am also thankful – for the tremendous support of friends and family who have helped me out this week so I can recover at home. I sure hope I get better so I can return to work tomorrow.

What do you all do to get better when you’re sick? Any home-made remedies you’d care to share? I am a big fan of the all-natural so share away!

Blessings, friends….I hope to get back to normal posting in the next few days!

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