Getting to know you….

Today I am sharing some fun facts about me as apart of The Influence Network’s getting to know you link-up! We were asked to share one photo of ourselves, three facts and the impact the network has had on our lives. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Photo(s) Of Me: I couldn’t choose just one so I am sharing a couple. 🙂


{My husband and I at the Third Eye Blind concert in February!}

12 edited blog

{My family. We are weird and we aren’t ashamed!}

Three Facts About Me:

1. I have a tendency to get really obsessed with TV shows. Typically, if I get really into a show, I will watch ALL of the old seasons on Netflix or Hulu right in a row. Sometimes in just a couple of days. I have been through entire shows like Bones, The West Wing, Big Bang Theory….and now I am watching old episodes of Duck Dynasty. 🙂

duck dynasty

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with a local Mexican restaurant’s salsa. Their secret, I believe, is adding cilantro. Whatever it is, I am obsessed. I but a cup full and bring it home about once a week. 🙂

3. I absolutely LOVE Psalm 46. It is one of my favorite passages of scripture, and I use it often to encourage others who might be going through a rough time. For me, it is one of the most encouraging passages of scripture.Psalm 46

{Photo Credit:}

Side-Note Info:  I am a public high school teacher (for almost 8 years), worship leader/team member (play piano and sing), love girl scout cookies, sleeping in and watching ESPN. I am an avid Florida Gators fan and love carbs. 🙂

What valuable thing have I gained from The Influence Network?

There are so many things I can mention here, but the biggest benefit I have received from Influence Network (so far) has been the tremendous support of the leadership and members. As a newer blogger, I have had tons of questions about a variety of topics. I know I can always go to the leadership for help, or ask questions of the members in the influence network forums. I also have received tremendous support and prayer from the leadership and members when I was in grave need of prayer. It feels so good to know that I now have friends here who love and support me, and want to see me thrive in my walk with Christ and want to help my blog be successful for Him

I am excited to “meet” all of my fellow Influence Network ladies online, and to FINALLY meet some in person at The Influence Conference in September!!!

Have a blessed day, ya’ll!


  1. Linda Wallenfang says:

    So proud of you!

  2. lindsey @ thekublygirl says:

    Carrie – I love what you bring to the Influence Community. You have such a lovely heart and it shines through your words. And September can’t come soon enough, in my opinion 🙂

  3. lilyandlight says:

    I absolutely love that picture of your family 🙂 You are just too cute

    I’ve said it so many times, but I am just so excited to meet you in September! It’s going to be an awesome conference, and I look forward to keeping one another on track towards our God-sized goals. As iron sharpens iron. xoxo

  4. love that family photo! so much fun. and what a great verse. He will be exalted in everything, even in our trials, He is still God. love it.

  5. HAHA. The Justin Bieber photo…
    I think I have an unhealthy obsession with Mexican food in general. Today will be the third time in a week. 🙂

  6. Carrie! I have loved getting to know you, my friend. 🙂 Also, same with you on the shows. Actually looking for a new one…haha.

  7. So nice to meet you Carrie! I love that your family is silly and fun-loving and authentic! You are such a joy to have on the forums!

  8. I do the SAME THING! I watch shows start to finish and have definitely accomplished that in days. In fact, I prefer TV that way rather than waiting a week in between new episodes. Also, we shared the same Influence class last week (I remember because we share a name and love for the Gators AND I’m from Jacksonville but don’t live there anymore). I’ll be at the conference so I can’t wait to meet you!

  9. Whenever we get hooked on a tv show on netflix, we say we have a part time job 🙂 Glad to meet another lady who likes ESPN…I love listening to sports talk radio!

  10. It’s great to get to know more about you, Carrie! It looks like you have a wonderful, fun-loving family 🙂

  11. nadinewouldsay says:

    Psalm 46 is soooooo good. I love it. God often brings me to that place of being still because THAT is when I know that He is God, and that comfort of truth is just what I need, no matter the circumstance. I’m so glad you’ve joined in this internet space called blogging!

  12. I love Big Bang Theory! Can’t wait to meet you in September!

  13. Carrie, I love you!! And Psalm 46 is one of my favorites too – especially vs 10 that you shared! I always refer to Steven Curtis Chapman’s version “Be Still and Know that He is God.” One of my favorite songs ever. 🙂 I am so glad we met through this conference! I will be emailing you soon – I’m hoping to plan a trip to Jax in a couple weeks! 🙂

  14. i cannot stop singing the song from the King & I “getting to know you, getting to know all about you…” from your title! and girl scout cookies are the BEST. hands down.

  15. You bring so much to our community, Carrie. I’m really thankful for you!

  16. aroyaldaughter says:

    Cilantro!!!! I love Mexican food. Let’s go out for Mexican food when we meet in September, okay??

  17. Okay, so I am hearing about so many more people (who aren’t my boyfriend) talk about how much they love Duck Dynasty…maybe it’s not as silly as I thought! And i do believe that the support that has already come from the network is so amazingly overwhelming! Lovely to get to know you more!

  18. surroundedbygrace says:

    haha. i freaking love you. that picture of the fam is amazing. i’m not an avid duck dynastyer {yeah, that word just happened} but every time i watch it, it cracks me up! i seriously can’t wait to meet you!

  19. also, idk what’s up with the name haha

  20. oh gosh I do the same things with TV shows. I’m currently going through all the episodes of Duck Dynasty too! I’m halfway through season two and I just started on Monday. so bad, but so so good 🙂

  21. LOVE this!

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